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Church events have precedence over individual’s events. We usually calendar about six months in advance and may not be able to schedule your individual events. There could be fees involved. Please note that dates are not confirmed until you contact the office, fees have been received and a pastoral conference has been scheduled if you are planning a wedding. Also, since we are a larger church you will have use of your reserved rooms but not necessarily the entire building. Other activities or people may be in other parts of the building during your event. Scroll down the page to request a wedding date or another type of event date.

There could be fees involved depending on the event.

Below you will find information about our churches’ policies, resources, bylaws, and a collection of forms.



Giving is a part of your spiritual life just like praying. Malachai 3:10 says bring tithes into the storehouse (church). If you and your family use an envelope that system will be a little more efficient this year. We will mail them directly to you! Every other month you will receive a stack of envelopes in the mail. You can click on this link, OFFERING ENVELOPES FORM or sign up in the lobbies.